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travv0/anki-japanese-tools 1

A collection of tools to make adding Japanese flashcards to Anki easier. Import from Kindle, add missing audio, and quickly add cards by providing a list of words.

travv0/good-bot 1

The best Discord bot you ever did see.

travv0/good-bot.clj 1

Good bot is a nice boy.

samiammercer/IsometricGame 0

Simple isometric game in XNA for practice

travv0/abcl-interop 0

playing around with abcl interop

travv0/AdventOfCode2015 0

Better late than never.

travv0/AdventOfCode2016 0

Advent of Code 2016

travv0/AdventOfCode2018 0

Advent of Code puzzle solutions for the year two thousand the eighteenth.


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