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Thomas Kollbach toto @evenlyio Berlin, Germany Hacks Swift, Objc, Ruby, TS/JS and many small things, Founder and Managing Director of @evenlyio

robb/Underscore.m 1486

A DSL for Data Manipulation

343max/put-io-sync 19

sync to a local directory

343max/NSObject-Expectation 15

inline object checking

343max/ 3

handle magnet: links on your iPhone with

itsthejb/JCKit 3

Teh best parody ObjC library in the world... ever!

toto/ad_block_css 2

Blocks Ads via CSS on many pages. Includes some Germany specific CSS rules (e.g. and The deal is: You make the Ads not animated and not annoying and I will not block them. Otherwise you loose.

toto/APNS 1

An Apple Push Notification Service gem


started time in 2 months


started time in 2 months