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Source of the website.

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Gumboot sloshes through muddy topics for AAF applications bringing down swift justice where it finds problems.

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Are we web yet? A simple reckoning of Rust’s readiness for Web-related things.

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Manage your Ruby application's gem dependencies

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:whale: Docker Images for Laravel development

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My Emacs config

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Public facing API docs, notes and more

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issue commentcryptomator/ios

Almost every "Other File Provider" is greyed out

If I'm not mistaken, Boxcryptor doesn't have the option to add "other file providers" (via the UIDocumentPickerViewController). What you're seeing is that they support a lot of cloud services using their own implementations. Cryptomator actually supports a lot of "other" cloud serivces as well via WebDAV, see #37.

WebDav is not always the best choice as most cloud storage providers don't provide MFA/2FA on WebDav.


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