adoankim/aReminder 2

An Android + Google wear SDK application test for I/O 2014 contest

cesarpereziglesias/world-fit-mobile 2

Challenge HackVG: World Fit Mobile

tonimc/android-clean-api-client 2

Example to build an Android App that connect to an api rest in a clean way

tonimc/GDGAIYVoiceKit 2

Repo to the Meetup about Google AIY project in the GDG Ourense

tonimc/shared-expenses 1

This is a simple project with the only intention to show how Vue works.

tonimc/SnakeGameJS 1

Classic snake game made in JS

adoankim/Pulsafe 0

Landing page that holds the description, objective and ideas of the PulSafe project presented at #HackForGood Vigo 2015