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Tobias Fischer tofi86 Goldflam GmbH Tübingen, Germany Senior Software Developer

paginagmbh/redmine_lightbox2 116

Lightbox for image attachments in Redmine

paginagmbh/EPUB-Checker 26

Standalone "EPUB-Checker" application for Windows, Mac OS and Linux

paginagmbh/redmine_silencer 25

A redmine plugin to suppress email notifications (at will) when updating issues

paginagmbh/redmine_emojibutton 18

Adds emoji capabilities to Redmine

tofi86/redmine_maintenance_mode 17

Plugin to prevent users from using Redmine while system operations are being done.

paginagmbh/redmine-google-analytics-plugin 11

Redmine plugin to insert the Google Analytics tracking code into Redmine based on user roles.

paginagmbh/redmine_project_alias_2 8

This is a git clone of this redmine plugin:

tofi86/Jarbundler 7

DEPRECATED and UNMAINTAINED! See Readme! ////// Unofficial git port of the Sourceforge Ant-Jarbundler Task. JarBundler is a feature-rich Apache ANT task that can create Mac OS X Application Bundles.

tofi86/Roundcube-Plugin-Threecol-Layout 7

DEPRECATED and UNMAINTAINED! See Readme! ////// This Roundcube Plugin adds a user configurable option to place the preview pane below or on the right of the message list. This is a fork of @JohnDoh's original repo.

tofi86/redmine_archive_issue_categories 6

This Redmine plugin allows to archive issue categories, to deactivate them and hide them from the user without deleting them. This is nice because it don't break old tickets. This plugin is an attempt to solve redmine issue #16188

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PR opened Borewit/musicbrainz-api

Fix mixed up 'search' sections in

The Readme sections in "Search (query)" seem to be mixed up. The "arguments" sections belong to the section "### Generic search function" and not to "### Entity specific search functions"

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Tobias Fischer

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Fix mixed up 'search' sections in

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fork tofi86/musicbrainz-api

Node MusicBrainz API client for reading and submitting metadata

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issue commenttofi86/universalJavaApplicationStub

Cannot set JAVA_HOME via LSEnvironment

@karokhaziz as I wrote above: In this certain case I wasn't able to reproduce the issue and setting JAVA_HOME via the LSEnvironment key worked for me in the exact way @kiwicodemonkey wrote in its initial posting.

Is your log output the same as @kiwicodemonkey's?

default	10:12:51.824675+1200	syslog	[79710][MyAppPackage] [JavaSearch] Checking for $JAVA_HOME ...
default	10:12:51.838397+1200	syslog	[79710][MyAppPackage] [JavaSearch] ... haven't found JAVA_HOME

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