tobinibot/facebox-for-prototype 4

An implementation of Chris Wanstrath's Facebox for the Prototype JS framework, with some of my own improvements

tobinibot/acts_as_amazing 2

a test gem, built with newgem

tobinibot/acts_as_effective_dated 2

A Ruby gem that adds effective dating to Active Record

tobinibot/ruby-snippets 2

a bunch of ruby snippets I've picked, they most likely are NOT original

tobinibot/test-project 2

a test project for me to play with

tobinibot/BlueForest 1

IntelliJ IDEA Dark Color Scheme for Java, Scala, Ruby, XML and more

tobinibot/intellij-colors-solarized 1

Solarized Colorscheme for IntelliJ IDEA

tobinibot/mailcatcher 1

Catches mail and serves it through a dream.

tobinibot/solarized 1

precision color scheme for multiple applications (terminal, vim, etc.) with both dark/light modes