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Tristan Lorach tlorach NVIDIA Santa Clara, CA

NVIDIA/gvdb-voxels 515

Sparse volume compute and rendering on NVIDIA GPUs

tlorach/nvFX 258

Generic Effect system for Graphic API's (OpenGL and DirectX)

tlorach/OpenGLText 102

Efficient and clean text rendering for OpenGL

tlorach/SvcMFCUI 18

A quick and simple UI for prototype and internal projects

tlorach/Bak3d 17

a binary format for baked (bak3d) 3d files

tlorach/USD_build 13

repository containing scripts to build Pixar's USD on Ubuntu Linux system

tlorach/nvGraphy 11

Simple (but efficient) graph viewer for quick overview of performance reports

tlorach/vkFX 8

"Effect" parser for Vulkan API

tlorach/SvcSpaceMouse 2

an abstraction layer to help using 3DConnexion Space mouse COM

tlorach/dummySubmodule1 0

fake submodule for me to test...

push eventnvpro-samples/nvpro_core

Tristan Lorach

commit sha 51e5b3fedaa7354b8d6c54f517dc81265762590c

correction on third-party cmake details

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Tristan Lorach

commit sha a131ba6c0c2c6c692a87c44832b82448f261c9ab

removed LUA scripts, replaced with Python; added Doxygen. new generated files

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Tristan Lorach

commit sha ae30d8d3cfe18824c4aac715ff96f398c1221e9d

new folder for "platform" files : nvp Avoid having headers at the root edited source code accordingly modified documentation headers so it is "Doxygen friendly"

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