dchenbecker/scalajpa 44

A framework for making JPA easier to use with Scala code

tjweir/arc90-readability 30

git repo of arc90 Readability code from GoogleCode

tjweir/cocos2d-application 26

An Xcode template for cocos2d-iphone, statically linked to $COCOS2D_SRC

tjweir/CassandraSchemes 10

Cassandra Schemas I find around the net

tjweir/coredata-easyfetch 6

A fast fetch based on example code by Matt Gallagher

tjweir/cocos2d-iphone-mirror 4

a mirror of cocos2d-iphone

tjweir/addresschooser 2

Javascript Class to turn a address form to an interactive map-based form

tjweir/AkkaExperiments 1

My Akka Experiments

tjweir/alpaca-mode 1

Emacs Major mode for alpaca-lang

tjweir/async-uitableview 1

Sample project using the ASIHTTPRequest to load the public Flickr RSS feed, and then load the images in a UITableView in asynchronous fashion

fork tjweir/2020-07-01-haskell-game-demo

"Writing 2D games using super simple Haskell" at Haskell Love 2020 conference

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started time in 13 days