tjwei tjwei Taipei, Taiwan the avatar is generated by my Quick-Neural-Art-Transfer with a picture of Hatsune Miku

tjwei/GANotebooks 1376

wgan, wgan2(improved, gp), infogan, and dcgan implementation in lasagne, keras, pytorch

tjwei/2048-NN 136

A Deep Learning AI for 2048 (2048:94.15%, 4096:78.48%, 8192: 34.5% 16384: 0.177%)

tjwei/awesome-tw-foss 69

A curated list of awesome Taiwan open source projects

tjwei/Flappy-Turtle 26

Flappy Bird Clone Python Turtle Tutorial

tjwei/ck101fs 13

ck101 filesystem

tjwei/EyePython 6

Floating window variable watcher for IPython Notebook

ccwang002/pyapac_code_fighter 5

PyCon APAC 2015 Code Fighter online judge system @Day2 Night Party

tjwei/AsusWebStorage 3

Python API of Asus WebStorage service, and a fuse file system

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