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tjoudeh/AngularJSAuthentication 1193

Tutorial shows Authentication in AngularJS with ASP.NET Web API 2 and Owin Middle-ware using access tokens and refresh tokens approach

tjoudeh/AspNetIdentity.WebApi 437

Tutorial for Building Simple Membership System using ASP.NET Identity 2.1, ASP.NET Web API, and AngularJS

tjoudeh/JWTAspNetWebApi 311

Tutorial shows how to Issue JSON Web Token in ASP.NET Web API 2 and Owin middleware, then build list of Resource Servers relies on the Token Issuer Party (Authorization Server)

tjoudeh/WebApiHMACAuthentication 196

Project shows how to implement HMAC Authentication is ASP.NET Web API 2

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Tutorial for building eLearning Management RESTFul Service using ASP.Net Web API

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Tutorial for building SPA using AngularJS

tjoudeh/AngularJSTwoFactorAuthentication 62

Tutorial shows how to enable Two Factor Authentication using AngularJS, ASP.NET Web API, and Google Authenticator

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Sample project for building RESTful API using ASP.NET 5 - MVC 6 Web API & Entity Framework 7

tjoudeh/Azure-Active-Directory-B2C 14

Azure AD B2C Repository shows how to secure ASP.NET Web API 2 using Azure Active Directory B2C, Owin middleware, and MSAL (Microsoft Authentication Library)

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Azure Setup Guide

Thank you again @PatrykPorabik for the quick reply, but think about it, the GrandNode is built on ASP.NET Core which should support by default deploying it to the Azure PaaS offering which is Azure App Services, this should be the default, why I need to provision a Linux VM to do this?

My initial deployment plan was to deploy Mongo to Atlas on Azure, and deploy the application to Azure App Service, App service is a great platform which shields a lot of complexity and overhead maintenance if I want to deploy it on Linux as VM.

Anyhow the problem might be related to the time out imposed by Azure App Service which is set to 230 seconds and it is not configurable. Read here if you are interested.

I really liked the GrandNode, it has a clean code compared to NopCommerce but if you can't deploy it easily using Azure PaaS offering then others might look at using NopCommerce which can be deployed easily to Azure PaaS offering.

It would be great if you could check with the dev team and try it out on Azure App Service to understand what is exactly happening and if there is another way to deploy the scripts.

Thank you again.


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Azure Setup Guide

Thanks @PatrykPorabik for your quick response, so based on your experience, have you ever been able to deploy it on Azure App Service, or you are aware of someone deployed this successfully to Azure App Service?

Another question: Is there any workaround to overcome this? Like setting u database from localhost then configuring the deployed Azure App Service to point to the newly setup database?

Thank you


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Azure Setup Guide

Hello @PatrykPorabik Any update on this issue? DB is hosted in Atlas, I was able to run installation successfully from localhost, but when the website is deployed to Azure App Service it fails showing the below



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Free and Open Source Ecommerce Shopping Cart solution based on ASP.NET CORE and MongoDB

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