Tjerk Wolterink tjerkw Tiqets Amsterdam Software Engineer with Expertise in Android, Python, Java, Golang. Excited about Kotlin and Kotlin Native

tjerkw/Android-SlideExpandableListView 1995

A better ExpandableListView, with animated expandable views for each list item

tjerkw/js-cam-motion 36

JavaScript Library for Motion Detection based on WebRTC

tjerkw/android-rss 3

Lightweight Android library to read parts of RSS 2.0 feeds.

tjerkw/android-pulltorefresh 2

This project aims to provide a reusable pull to refresh widget for Android.

tjerkw/Android-ViewPagerIndicator 2

Paging indicator widget compatible with the ViewPager from the Compatibility Library and ActionBarSherlock. Ported and enhanced from Patrik Åkerfeldt's ViewFlow.

tjerkw/arduino-led-suit 1

An adafruit neopixel based led suit.

tjerkw/Audiolet 1

A JavaScript library for real-time audio synthesis and composition from within the browser

tjerkw/facebook-android-sdk 1

Facebook SDK for Android

tjerkw/initializr-template 1

Initializr's generated page


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issue commentmicrosoft/winget-cli

[Sugestion] Donate to AppGet creator

My god Microsoft, what we're you thinking? I thought microsoft was embracing opensource and becoming a company I could like again.

But this is just an utter nightmare for microsoft. Handling a nice project like this.

@kayone we support you!


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