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timrae/custom-class-loader 27

Custom class loading in Dalvik (Android Studio Version)

timrae/drivepy 10

High level python drivers for laboratory instruments

timrae/spotify_to_tidal 8

A command line tool for importing your Spotify playlists into Tidal

timrae/ImmersiveModeSample 4

Sample app using immersive mode with the material design APIs

timrae/pylase 4

Measure and characterize semiconductor lasers with python

timrae/Anki-Android 3

Anki on Android

timrae/rikaidroid 2

Add furigana to Japanese on Android, and allow easy dictionary lookup

timrae/SyntaxHighlight 2

Addon to add syntax highlighting to Anki

timrae/anki 1

Anki for desktop computers

timrae/anki-replaceall 1

Anki add-on which fills an expression into a given field of all notes in an Anki model


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issue commenttimrae/spotify_to_tidal

Add new items without deleting tidal playlist

Hi, thanks for your message. I'm not sure when I'll get around to it but I've also been thinking about ways to potentially address this problem.

I'd like to maintain the ability to reorder and remove songs on the Spotify side and have those changes synced to tidal, but without losing songs that were added on the tidal side without ever being on the Spotify side. This is not exactly a trivial problem but I'm pretty sure it's possible.


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push eventtimrae/spotify_to_tidal

Timothy Rae

commit sha 57a74f6b13e5e12d4da4b0907969ab571689060a

Use unidecode to escape weird names

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Timothy Rae

commit sha db8eb4e60fe72c65704505b8ccc0f68b44cb22fc

Reduce chunk size when writing playlists to avoid potential errors?

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Timothy Rae

commit sha 2e69f1d28c9e835a00f3cec66e281ec0691f882c

Use results from previous runs as a cache to improve performance

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