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timbodeit/KeepBackgroundCell 13

Prevent UITableViewCell from making subviews transparent on selection and highlight

timbodeit/iOSBambooScripts 3

A collection of scripts for building and deploying iOS projects on a Bamboo server

timbodeit/NotificationManager 1

Make NSNotificationCenter suck less

DieProduktMacher/serverless-webpack 0

Serverless plugin to bundle your lambdas with Webpack

kuglemic/nui 0

Style iOS apps with a stylesheet, similar to CSS

timbodeit/aeson 0

A fast Haskell JSON library

timbodeit/AFNetworking 0

A delightful iOS and OS X networking framework

timbodeit/c3navQR 0

Generate QR codes for with pre-filled origin

issue commentalixaxel/chrome-aws-lambda

Layers not working

Sidenote: To only unzip the first layer of compression under macOS, run unzip in the Terminal.


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issue commentalixaxel/chrome-aws-lambda

Layers not working

Thanks @Daemach

This is especially relevant, as some tools like the Archive Utility builtin to macOS unpack the two layers of zip compression in one go. As the structure that gets unpacked looks correct, this is very hard to debug.

It is caused by this upstream issue of GitHub Actions

Nonetheless, until that's fixed I would vote to reopen this issue to make this easier to find for others. (Maybe renaming it to something like "CI layer artifact double zipped – Lambda Cannot find module")


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