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Swift theycallmeswift Major League Hacking (MLH) New York, New York

MLH/mlh-hackathon-flask-starter 596

Hackathon starter project for Flask applications

csquared/arduino-restclient 201

Arduino RESTful HTTP Request Library

theycallmeswift/BreakfastSerial 114

A Firmata based framework for interacting with Arduinos over serial.

rohitdatta/pepper 20

The spiciest hackathon application and user management system out there 🌶🌶🌶

theycallmeswift/arduino-101-workshop 14

A basic arduino workshop with Node.js

theycallmeswift/Colloqueasy 3

Social network for CS336 written in PHP

theycallmeswift/declaration-of-twitter-independence 3

The Declaration of Independence for Twitter Developers

sakib/hackru 2

HackRU Spring 2016 Flask App

SendGrid-Demos/sendgrid-codeigniter-demo 2

Demo sending an email using CodeIgniter with SendGrid

push eventMLH/mlh-policies

Jamie Liao

commit sha 49111f6468d1a51c6ba519a1dc1f43e1bf08f1f0

Update CoC for 2022 season (#151)

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PR merged MLH/mlh-policies

Update CoC for 2022 season
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commit sha 82a66a5805e24e6f9731d161a1408ca2ae2a7f24

Minor updates - Upgrade plug - Add new homebrew path to PATH - Fix legacy diff display for vim

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commit sha 031eb3d840aed764a7a6c183c356f1d193d103cb

Latest settings (May 2021)

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pull request commentMLH/customerio-ruby

Migrate to App api key for triggering broadcasts

Sounds good. My great preference is to use the main repo rather than our fork if the functionality matches our needs


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