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Eduardo Garcia thewarpaint Stripe Mexico City, Mexico Software Engineer at @stripe LATAM Money Movement. Previously part of Rappi, @eSailors, @ooyala and @vinco.

CodeandoMexico/terremoto-cdmx 120

Respuesta rápida ante el terremoto de la CDMX

thewarpaint/caracteres 5

Caracteres is a collection of interesting letters, symbols, ligatures, etc. present in languages that share the Roman alphabet.

thewarpaint/coronavirus-webhook-api 2

Coronavirus webhook API

thewarpaint/ 2

Days without a new Adam Sandler movie

thewarpaint/angular-confirm 1

Angular directive to display a confirmation dialog before performing an action.

thewarpaint/anonymizr 1

Remove personal information from social networks and other websites before sharing a screenshot.

thewarpaint/art 1

Artworks I have seen and liked

thewarpaint/bootstrap-datepicker 1

A datepicker for @twitter bootstrap forked from Stefan Petre's (of, improvements by @eternicode

thewarpaint/diassinarrobachannelengeneral 1

Días sin @channel o @here innecesarios en #general

Pull request review commentthewarpaint/oo

Hay nos vidrios MTY

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