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theo-staizen/tippyjs 0

Tooltip, popover, dropdown, and menu library


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issue commentSortableJS/Sortable

navigator.userAgent in Sortable code throws Issue warning in Chrome Canary

+1 on this issue as it is now appearing on stable Chrome as well. This is coming from the feature.js dependency


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issue openedionic-team/stencil

Stencil Core Compiler broken in 2.7.0

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Current behavior: The transpile method of @stencil/core/compiler/stencil.js is no longer transpiling the source code given. It seems to be returning the source code back as is, i.e the jsx/typescript is not compiled.

Expected behavior: The transpile method should work the same as previous versions (2.6.0 or earlier).

Steps to reproduce: <!-- If you are able to illustrate the bug or feature request with an example, please provide steps to reproduce and if possible a demo --> See this fiddle:

Related code:

// assuming "" was loaded

(async () => {
  const src = `
    import { h } from "";
    @Component({ tag: 'cmp-a' })
    export class CmpA {
      @Prop() name
      render() {
        return <h1>Hello {}</h1>
  const { code } = await window.stencil.transpile(src, { sourceMap: false });

Using 2.6.0, the result should be:

import { defineCustomElement as __stencil_defineCustomElement } from "@stencil/core/internal/client";
import { h } from "";
const CmpA = class extends HTMLElement {
  constructor() {
  render() {
    return h("h1", null,
      "Hello ",;
__stencil_defineCustomElement(CmpA, [0, "cmp-a", {
    "name": [8]

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issue commentmockoon/cli

mockoon-cli live update

I would also like this feature, if possible. Perhaps through a --watch flag?


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issue commentionic-team/stencil

Issue with @rollup/plugin-dynamic-import-vars

i totally missed the point then 😅


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