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rafaeljesus/koa-bb 15

koa2, jwt, knex, ava and docker boilerplate

thebergamo/appengine-websocket-nodejs 9

Testing the GAE using websocket and node.js

Cart-API/cart 4

Cart API (Node.JS + Hapi + Sequelize Postgres)

rafaeljesus/rest-scheduler 3

Handles job scheduling by storing and managing events that correspond to actions to execute in the future

thebergamo/anton 3

Fantastic Job Queue Worker

Cart-API/cart-ansible 2

Ansible Orquestration for configure a Cart server

issue openedwix/react-native-ui-lib

Support icon as component instead of image


First of all, after getting know this lib I fall in love, so cheers guys!

Would you be open to support passing icon in those components as component instead of supporting only images.

For example when we've the Chip component we would use it like this:

import { Chip } from 'react-native-ui-lib';
import Icon from 'react-native-vector-icons/MaterialIcons';

export default (props) => 
<Chip label="3km" icon={<Icon name="map" />} />

I believe it's quite standard using react-native-vector-icons, so we could have a more connected ecosystem.

If you're open to have it as an option into those components, I would create a PR for it :)

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pull request commentflatlogic/react-native-starter

Fixes #23: Rename App Script

Looks like the script do not work correctly. Did not dig enough to know exactly what is the issue, but will come back to it sooner.


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issue commentbadunk/multer-s3

Content after upload

To be honest, I really don’t remember why :p

Probably I did it in a different way and it worked.

On Tue, 14 Jul 2020 at 09:47 Ivan Fedulov wrote:

Still relevant. Why issue is closed with no comments?

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