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UMKC-Law/Vacant2Vibrant 4

Resources and step-by-step guide for acquiring vacant properties in KC’s urban core neighborhoods.

binhvinhmai/CS490WDProject1 0

Create movie website that incorporates HTML, CSS, and Javascript

thatsmysky/303Project3B 0

Morse Code using a binary tree

thatsmysky/BestTechReferences 0

References for learning project technology

thatsmysky/C-Plus-Plus-Program-One 0

Car Dealership. Input: car type, credit score, down payment. Output: monthly payment


Pull request review commentC2FO/vfs

fixed #82 Return error when CopyTo/MoveTo functions are called when S…

 type File struct { func (f *File) Close() error { 	if f.tempFile != nil { 		defer func() {-			f.tempFile.Close()+			_ = f.tempFile.Close()

we would never want to do anything with these errors?


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