Erik Person thaterikperson Austin, TX

thaterikperson/erie 11

A statically-typed lisp for the BEAM

thaterikperson/elm-strftime 2

Format a date into a string of your choice. Follow the rules at

thaterikperson/rakejob 2

A plugin to call rake tasks from within your rails application

thaterikperson/elm-blackjack 1

Library for testing and comparing hands in Blackjack

thaterikperson/absinthe_relay 0

Absinthe support for the Relay framework

thaterikperson/codepagex 0

Elixir string encoding conversion - like iconv but pure Elixir

thaterikperson/elm-localstorage 0

Access browsers' localStorage via Elm.

thaterikperson/elm-validation 0

Tools for managing validity and error state of data, e.g. from user input.