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mybuddymichael/linter-elm-make 33

Lint your Elm files in Atom with elm-make

thSoft/dux 1

Development as an Uplifting eXperience

thSoft/elm-architecture-tutorial 1

How to create modular Elm code that scales nicely with your app

thSoft/elm-lib 1

DEPRECATED - Elm Libraries and Examples

thSoft/apparatus 0

A hybrid graphics editor and programming environment for creating interactive diagrams.

thSoft/asciidoc-lilypond-docker 0

AsciiDoc & LilyPond Docker image

thSoft/awesome 0

A WEb-based SOphisticated Model Editor

thSoft/builtwithelm 0

A list of projects and apps built with Elm.

thSoft/cheat-sheets 0

Getting started tutorials and cheat sheets for various technologies used in our projects.

thSoft/codeworld 0

Educational computer programming environment using Haskell