tgreco/atom-man 0

Display a man page inside Atom.

tgreco/Issue-your-own-ERC20-token 0

Tutorial of how to issue your own Ethereum ERC20 Token!

tgreco/mc-geocoding-server 0

Reverse Geocoding service provider

tgreco/parse-server-1 0

Parse-compatible API server module for Node/Express

issue openedhungdev/react-native-instagram-login

Documentation has incorrect params

The documentation to convert the code to an access_token has it listed as app_id and app_secret. It's actually client_id and client_secret.


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issue commenthungdev/react-native-instagram-login

Exposing secret on the client side is bad practice

@hungdev is it possible to update the PropType appSecret to not be required so we don't see the error in the console? Seems like doing it server side is best practice so I wouldn't expect to see an error in the console for going that route.

Appreciate the library!


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issue commentmxcl/PromiseKit

Xcode 10.2 error

You are the man (or woman)! I was stuck on this all morning.


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issue commentmui-org/material-ui

Cannot read property 'getBoundingClientRect' of null

Having the same issue but no modal being used.

<div className='test'> <Slide direction="up" in={this.state.messages.length > 0 || this.state.startingConversation} mountOnEnter unmountOnExit > <MessageInput onChange={(e) => this.setState({ textInput: })} onSend={() => { this.setState({ textInput: '' }); console.log('OnSend'); }} value={this.state.textInput} /> </Slide> </div>


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