tgray/contacts 34

A command line interface to the macOS Address Book.

tgray/muttqt 32

mutt query tool

tgray/hyperdither 12

atkinson style dithering in python

tgray/lbdb 11

The Little Brother's Database

tgray/putmail 9

A lightweight MTA or SMTP client written in Python.

tgray/dm42coder 3

Encoder for DM42 programs.

tgray/homebrew 3

The missing package manager for OS X.

tgray/dotfilemanager 1

A dotfiles manager script in Python.

tgray/fish-shell 1

The user-friendly command line shell.

tgray/homebrew-tgbrew 1

Alternate formulas for the homebrew package manager

issue openedBurntSushi/ripgrep

Fixed string search starting with -

What version of ripgrep are you using?

macOS homebrew: ripgrep 12.0.1 -SIMD -AVX (compiled) +SIMD +AVX (runtime)

also on Windows precompiled: ripgrep 12.0.1 (rev 1d5b1011e5) -SIMD -AVX (compiled) +SIMD +AVX (runtime)

How did you install ripgrep?

macOS: homebrew Windows: compiled binary

What operating system are you using ripgrep on?

macOS 10.14.6 Windows 10 something

Describe your bug.

Trying to use rg to search for a literal string that starts with a '-', specifically markdown style check boxes '- [ ]'.

What are the steps to reproduce the behavior?

rg -F '- [ ]' .


rg -F "- [ ]" .

Running the search by escaping the leading dash works fine, but defeats the purpose of using -F in my opinion.

What is the actual behavior?

Normal and debug output are the same.

rg -F '- [ ]' --debug .
error: Found argument '- ' which wasn't expected, or isn't valid in this context


    rg [OPTIONS] [-e PATTERN ...] [-f PATTERNFILE ...] [PATH ...]
    rg [OPTIONS] --files [PATH ...]
    rg [OPTIONS] --type-list
    command | rg [OPTIONS] PATTERN

For more information try --help

What is the expected behavior?

rg should have searched the literal string '- [ ]' in the current directory.

created time in 2 months