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Thomas Derflinger tderflinger Munich, Germany Freelance web developer and entrepreneur.

tderflinger/css-styleguide 7

Airbnb CSS / Sass Styleguide in German

tderflinger/arduino-blink-purec 3

A pure C implementation of a blink program for the Arduino Uno.

tderflinger/jitsi-deployment 2

Automatically deploy a Jitsi Video Conferencing solution on your Digital Ocean server.

tderflinger/ocean-living 2

Resources for how to live permanently in the oceans.

tderflinger/Rugo-Map 2

Rugo Map is a desktop application for editing, loading and saving of map tracks.

tderflinger/ansible-node-mock 1

Ansible playbook for configuring a CentOS server with NodeJS and an Nginx proxy.

tderflinger/awesome-munich 1

Links and bibliography to all things Munich, Germany.

tderflinger/factwings 1

Factwings is a REST service for the CIA World Factbook data.

tderflinger/language-resources 1

Web resources for language learning


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Thomas Derflinger

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Demo of how to record audio on a web site and send it to a Flask backend.

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