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tdavis/mixpanel 4

Small Python library to make calls to mixpanel's API. Requires beanstalkd server.

tdavis/django-publish 3

Script for publishing blog articles from the command line (requires django-articles)

tdavis/geoip 3

Copy of MaxMind's GeoIP-Python library for pip usage

tdavis/django-articles 2

The blog engine that powers See for the ticket tracker

tdavis/django-basic-apps 2

Simple prebuilt applications.

tdavis/inboxtix 2

Real-time ticket pricing, right to your inbox. For free.

tdavis/libcloud 2

a unified interface into the cloud

tdavis/autonose 1

autotest-like runner for nosetests (2.5 compatible)

tdavis/cns.recipe.symlink 1

Buildout symlinking recipe

tdavis/domain-profiler 1

Given a domain, will tell you the decisions that the domain owner has made.


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created repositoryjreese/trailrunner

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created repositoryjreese/thx

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fork jreese/moreorless

Wrapper to make difflib.unified_diff more fun to use

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created repositoryjreese/stdlibs

What's in the Python stdlib

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fork jreese/ufmt

Safe, atomic formatting with black and µsort

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fork jreese/furo

A clean customizable documentation theme for Sphinx

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