Trevor Saunders tbsaunde Bloomberg New York ny

tbsaunde/pyatspi2 2

clone of the gnome pyatspi2 repo

tbsaunde/at-spi2-atk 1

clone of the gnome at-spi2-atk repo

tbsaunde/at-spi2-core 1

clone of the gnome repo for at-spi2-core public for tbsaunde

tbsaunde/B2G 1

Boot to Gecko aims to create a complete, standalone operating system for the open web.

tbsaunde/riceccd 1

icecream daemon written in rust

tbsaunde/yasr 1

public git repository for the yasr screen reader

tbsaunde/binutils-gdb 0

Unofficial mirror of sourceware binutils-gdb repository. Updated daily.

tbsaunde/confluent-kafka-python 0

Confluent's Apache Kafka Python client

tbsaunde/funfuzz 0

JavaScript engine & DOM fuzzers