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tartinesKiller tartinesKiller Tungsten Software France

tartinesKiller/cordova-plugin-nquire300-barcode 1

Control barcode reader of the NQuire 300 from js (cordova)

tartinesKiller/-apicase-adapter-advanced-http 0

Apicase adapter to use with

tartinesKiller/annyang 0

:speech_balloon: Speech recognition for your site

tartinesKiller/cordova-plugin-android-fingerprint-auth 0

A cordova plugin for fingerprint authentication using the hardware fingerprint scanner on devices running Android 6+

tartinesKiller/cornerstoneTools 0

A framework for tools built on top of Cornerstone.

tartinesKiller/django-random-filestorage 0

Django storage class that assigns random filenames to all stored files.

tartinesKiller/git-revision-webpack-plugin 0

🏗 Webpack plugin that generates VERSION and COMMITHASH files during build

tartinesKiller/Hangfire.PostgreSql 0

PostgreSql Storage Provider for Hangfire

tartinesKiller/html-to-rtf 0

Convert html to rtf format in the server

issue commentnativescript-community/ui-material-components

BottomSheetPlugin Error: this.nativeView.showBottomSheet Is Not a Function

For anyone using this plugin and sticking with NativeScript 6, when calling this.$showBottomSheet, be sure to provide a context, even an empty one:

this.$showBottomSheet(MyComponent, {
	props: {
		myProp: this.message,
	context: {},

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release tartinesKiller/nativescript-datetimepicker


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created tagtartinesKiller/nativescript-datetimepicker


Plugin with date and time picking fields

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Damien Pijaczynski

commit sha 10f8ac35da2117a49434f44b416c8b50e7a38a76

Ugly, quick & dirty fix to apply spinners text color in android api 29

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