tanob/gocd-docker 5

Minimal GoCD Server and Agent for Docker

tanob/git-bubble 3

A tool to generate a bubble chart from the commits of a git repo, based on a blog post from Jonathan Wolter (

tanob/arduino-heatpumpir 1

An Arduino library to control split-unit heatpumps over Infrared

tanob/bunch 1

Manage a bunch of git repos

tanob/coffee-script 1

Unfancy JavaScript

tanob/djtemplate4j 1

Django-like template engine for JVM projects

tanob/earworm 1

What is that song? Earworm uses libofa and MusicDNS to tell you.

tanob/enumerable 1

Ruby/Smalltalk style internal iterators for Java 5 using bytecode transformation to capture expressions as closures.

tanob/ExampleNSOutlineView 1

Trying to use a NSOutlineView with Swift