craftinc/craftinc-gates 3

A minimalistic yet powerfull portal plugin for the minecraft bukkit mod.

t-unit/graphserver 2

An open source multimodal trip planning engine

t-unit/Atlas-iOS 1

Atlas is a library of native iOS communications user interface components for Layer.

t-unit/iOS-blur 1

Blur a UIView

craftinc/Craft-Inc.-Gates-Dynmap 0

Dynmap Integration for Craft Inc. Gates

craftinc/craftinc-inventories 0

We will revive this project soon!

craftinc/craftinc-replicator 0

A Bukkit plugin where players can build an in-game replicator to replicate unlimited amounts of specific items.

nsobadzhiev/Openfire 0

A XMPP server licensed under the Open Source Apache License.

nsobadzhiev/openfire-httpFileUpload-plugin 0

Adds XEP-0363 functionality to Openfire that allows compliant clients to exchange files

nsobadzhiev/openfire-registration-plugin 0

Allows admins to configure various actions whenever a new user creates an account

PR opened amplitude/Amplitude-Flutter

Fix deprecation warnings for iOS
  • This PR upgrades the Xcode project (proposed changes by Xcode)
  • Updates the logRevenue calls to remove warnings
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push eventt-unit/Amplitude-Flutter

Tobias Ottenweller

commit sha 410bc7a472a90498a1f1277ebb12ad8f44759c7c

Upgrade Xcode project

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Tobias Ottenweller

commit sha 79ed383c4f7b4aa875ea574d7f7b8b2b229db7da

Replace deprecated methods

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pull request commentvitusortner/floor

Destructive migration for missing or broken migrations

I'm triying to use the pull request but i'm getting an error

You are missing the path, e.g.:

      ref: destructive-migration-test
      path: floor

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