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TranslatorInterface not compatible with LocalAwareInterface hot 6
[Messenger] Message not sent to AMQP failure transport hot 2
[ERROR] The database schema is not in sync with the current mapping file. hot 2
[YAML][lint] Can not lint !tagged hot 1
[DoctrineBridge] By default cannot use @UniqueEntity constraint hot 1
Add no_superfluous_phpdoc_tags fixer to .phpcs config hot 1
Doctrine-bridge with PHP 7.2.20 implements non-existant interface FormTypeGuesserInterface hot 1
[Lock] SemaphoreStore : sem_remove() produces a warning hot 1
Update to 4.2.7 - Fatal error: Interface 'TranslatorInterface' not found hot 1
[Messenger] deserialize third-party messages into a generic class for consumption hot 1
Unrecognized option "disable_not_compromised_password" hot 1
Unrecognized option "entity" under "security.providers.app_user_provider" hot 1
[Security] 4.3 Always "Bad credentials." with algorithm "auto" hot 1
[HttpClient] Uncatchable fatal error on class destruction hot 1
Error to use Protocol AMQP - symfony hot 1

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