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StephenFox1995/TimetableScraper 1

Ruby scripts to scrape Dublin Institute of Technologies timetables

swifty-tim/BatteryMonitor 1

iOS, watchOS and macOS app to monitor battery level in the background

gusar/C 0

C Programming Coursework

swifty-tim/3d-prints 0

My collection of G-codes

swifty-tim/Android-Projects 0

Small Android App Projects

swifty-tim/App-Review-Time 0

Apple app review time app (Mac, iOS, Watch)

swifty-tim/automotive-model-year-data 0

Automotive data including vehicle model, make, and year for database creation

issue commentEVNotify/EVNotify

iPhone new version?

Do you need any help it? I am a IOS engineer, let me know if I can help with it


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