Samuel Villarreal (Nightdive Studios) svkaiser Nightdive Studios Houston, Texas I like making stuff

NightDive-Studio/shockmac 1392

System Shock (PowerMac version / Official GPL Release)

svkaiser/Doom64EX 182

Doom64EX is a reverse-engineering project aimed to recreate Doom64 as close as possible with additional modding features.

svkaiser/PowerslaveEX 140

Powerslave EX is a unofficial recreation of Lobotomy Software’s obscured FPS game, Powerslave (also known as Exhumed in the UK)

svkaiser/strife-ve 108

Strife Veteran Edition GPL Source Release

svkaiser/doom64DS 14

Nintendo DS port of Doom64EX

svkaiser/dlight 8

Lightmap utility for Doom64EX

svkaiser/DoomBuilder64 8

Custom branch of Doom Builder 2 for Doom64 EX support

svkaiser/KexLIB 8

KexLIB is a set of utilities, wrappers, render classes and more for the Kex engine

MP2E/kexplus 6

Cross Platform Doom64 EX branch