Sushant Sikka sushantsikka @Google India Interested in code and content.

sushantsikka/markdown-cheatsheet 1

Markdown Cheatsheet for Github

sushantsikka/AEM-Forms-Error-Code-Reference 0

Error Code Reference for Adobe Experience Manager Forms. Creating tables in HTML by reading Excel file.

sushantsikka/antivirus_demo 0

Antivirus Demo for Fresh Machine Learning #7

sushantsikka/ 0

Websites created using ASP.NET and C#. This repository contains website for the annual festival Asymptotes of MACS Society, DTU and another to implement computational methods.

sushantsikka/backpropagation-neural-network 0

Prediction of road accidents in Delhi using Back propagation Neural Network model.

sushantsikka/Calc-for-Android-using-PhoneGap 0

Simple Calculator Android app created using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Adobe PhoneGap.

sushantsikka/cas-gclb-rotation 0

A sample solution that periodically checks the status of SSL proxy load balancers and rotates their certificates from a configured Private CA when they reach a given threshold.

sushantsikka/codeforces-solutions 0

Solutions of Codeforces problems

sushantsikka/coldfusion 0

This repository contains web applications created using Adobe ColdFusion.