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Sudhir Kumar sudhirvkumar @atomicits Chennai, India I <3 Rust, Haskell, Elixir, PureScript, Elm & React (Native)

sudhirvkumar/ievms 2

Automated installation of the Microsoft IE App Compat virtual machines

sudhirvkumar/purescript-rnx 1

A PureScript interface to React Native

sudhirvkumar/elm-auto-encoder-decoder 0

cli to watch *.elm file changes and generate Elm encoder and decoders for each type in the source code. used in

sudhirvkumar/elm-webapp 0

A setup for writing http based, client-server app in elm, inspired wholly by

sudhirvkumar/haskellbook 0

Haskellbook Exercises

sudhirvkumar/magicbane 0

A web framework that integrates Servant, EKG, fast-logger, wai-cli…

sudhirvkumar/monao 0

Super monao bros. in Haskell