Sudeep Agarwal sudeepag Atlanta, GA I build things.

sudeepag/SAConfettiView 1457

Confetti! Who doesn't like confetti?

sudeepag/SACountingLabel 122

A custom animated counting UILabel, written in Swift.

sudeepag/Vision 7

An iOS application for the visually impaired to identify objects and listen to documents around them, conceptualized and developed at HackMIT '15.

sudeepag/Focus 5

Easily focus on or highlight UI elements. Written in Swift.

sudeepag/awesome-swift 2

A collaborative list of awesome swift resources. Feel free to contribute!

sudeepag/Phobia 2

An app made for PSYC 1101 (Introduction to Psychology) to test the Stroop Effect in identifying inherent phobias within people.

sudeepag/Engineering-Challenge-iOS 1

Holmusk iOS Engineering Challenge

sudeepag/MovieSelector 1

An Android application for CS 2340 that helps you select a movie based on your major.