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Stuart Halloway stuarthalloway Cognitect, Inc. Chapel Hill, NC

richhickey/clojure-contrib 506

NOTE - the contrib libraries have moved to individual repos under Clojure:

liebke/avout 415

Avout: Distributed State in Clojure

richhickey/harmonikit 252

An additive synth for Clojure and overtone

JarrodCTaylor/schema-cartographer 129

Schema Cartographer provides a means to visualize, navigate, create, edit and share the relationships that exist in your Datomic schema.

stuarthalloway/circumspec 74

Help! Dan North has kidnapped me and is making me create a BDD framework in Clojure

stuarthalloway/clojure-from-java 33

There are many ways to call Clojure from Java

stuarthalloway/clojure-bowling 16

Uncle Bob's bowling example in Clojure

stuarthalloway/clj-relevance 14

sample code from Relevance blog posts on Clojure

runcoderun/gem_sync 10

Super simpler gem installer. We use it to install gems on RunCodeRun build boxes.

create barnchDatomic/ion-starter

branch : no-lambda-proxy

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push eventcognitect-labs/day-of-datomic-cloud

Stuart Halloway

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dep updates

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Stuart Halloway

commit sha c8b816c7912a7d2611d8773b25ee30d06b6f89c7

outer join examples

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Stuart Halloway

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Merge branch 'dev-local'

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push eventDatomic/mbrainz-importer

Stuart Halloway

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README and deps update

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