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stevebrun/SwiftOFX 9

A Swift framework for reading OFX files.

stevebrun/Reggie-the-Regex-Parser 5

A attempt to learn C and Automata Theory at the same time. Reggie is an attempt to create an executable NFA structure, in hopes that it can be used to power a regular expression evaluator.

stevebrun/Chunktional 4

A collection of macros to add some Haskell-like features to C, as a learning experience for C Marcos.

stevebrun/Cobbler 4

A collection of marcos and coding styles to make a dynamic-dispatch object-system in C, as a kind of primitive Objective-C clone.

stevebrun/Go-Go-Gadget-Repo 3

A collection of all homework for Systems and Concurrency with Go

dxk2294/ProjectAlmond 2

Ludum Dare 44

stevebrun/Bibliotek 2

A Swift and Objective-C library for interacting with libraries using the Z39.50 protocol.

stevebrun/do 2

A client-side wrapper for RIT's CS department's 'try' program

stevebrun/Scheming-Scheme 2

Project for Programming Language Concepts Class


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