jdpedrie/angularjs-ordinal-filter 51

Ordinal Number filter for Angular

addyosmani/a11y-webapp 45

A11y WebApp built with Polymer (WIP)

SBoudrias/gruntfile-editor 42

An API to modify a Gruntfile.js content

passy/sindrebday 18

Sindre has circled around the sun once more

callmehiphop/backend 11

No API? No problem!

callmehiphop/hey 8

pub/sub abstraction layer for AngularJS to make managing your events easier

callmehiphop/angular-backend-when 3

`$httpBackend` wrapper to clean up declaring routes/responses for e2e testing

jgeewax/phoenix 3

Open source UI :)

eddiemonge/generator-angular 2

Yeoman generator for AngularJS