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stephe-ada-guru/Advent_of_Code 0

Solutions to the Advent of Code puzzles, in Ada

stephe-ada-guru/gnonograms 0

Automatically exported from

stephe-ada-guru/langkit 0

Language creation framework.

stephe-ada-guru/libgprlang 0

Parser based analyis library for AdaCore gpr language, including indentation engine for Emacs

issue commenttree-sitter/tree-sitter

An option to resolve all conflicts at runtime

Vladimir Panteleev ***@***.***> writes:

  1. Parse tree-sitter's error messages and re-run it 198 times in order to thus build a conflicts array as part of CI.

For whatever it's worth, the conflict messages output by the wisitoken grammar generator are in the correct format to be pasted into the grammar source file as conflict declarations, and it lists all conflicts in one pass. It might be best if tree-sitter did the same.

-- -- Stephe


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