Stefano J. Attardi steadicat @coinbase San Francisco, CA Engineering Manager at @coinbase. Ex @facebook, @storehouse, @cloudant, @workflowy.

steadicat/labels 60

Labels inside form fields (jQuery plugin)

steadicat/eslint-plugin-react-memo 52

memo/useMemo/useCallback all the things!

steadicat/barista 26

A client-side web framework for rich web sites and apps.

steadicat/busboy 17

A microframework for JSON REST APIs, based on Node.js and CoffeeScript.

steadicat/grindelwald 9

Functional reactive programming with dark magic

attardi/NewsFlow 4

A personalized newspaper

steadicat/ducts 4

A Flux implementation that's even more minimal than Redux.

steadicat/Advance 0

A powerful animation framework for iOS, tvOS, and OS X.