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Silvio Simunic ssimunic Croatia Computer Science student at University of Rijeka

ssimunic/Daily-Reddit-Wallpaper 297

Change your wallpaper to the most upvoted image of the day from /r/wallpapers or any other subreddit on system startup

ssimunic/gossm 151

Server status monitor written in Go

ssimunic/Temp-Monitor 86

Internet of Things data platform for temperature and humidity sensors with maps

ssimunic/iot-device-management 48

Leveraging Ethereum blockchain platform for identity, authentication and reputation of IoT devices

ssimunic/jsonscraper 33

JSON configurable concurrent scraper

ssimunic/gosensors 16

Hardware sensors using Go and lm-sensors

ssimunic/esp8266-dht22 13

ESP8266 Lua script running on NodeMCU firmware which sends DHT22 data to web server, with deepsleep mode

ssimunic/mapchat 8

Simple location based chat using Google Maps built with express.js and

ssimunic/Arduino-Serial-Communication 7

Arduino Serial Communication in C#

ssimunic/pdf-text-time 6

Get PDF word count and estimated reading time required.


started time in 3 months