Support for using OpenFeign in Spring Cloud apps




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Absolute URL for feign client stopped working in Spring Cloud Hoxton.RELEASE hot 2
Multiple @RequestPart not Working hot 2
can't support SpringQueryMap and pageable feature hot 1
java.lang.RuntimeException: com.netflix.client.ClientException during feign client usage hot 1
feign.FeignException: Premature EOF hot 1
Incomplete output stream error hot 1
Spring Data Pageable with PageableDefault hot 1
BeanDefinitionOverrideException in FeignClientsRegistrar in tests with customized Spring context hot 1
caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: PathVariable annotation was empty on param 0. hot 1
Unable to decode Page<T> response hot 1
Feign Client with Spring Security cause cycle dependency hot 1
feign.FeignException$NotFound: status 404 reading ItemService#queryItemById(Long) hot 1
Support Spring Data Pageable in Feign Client hot 1
Dynamically set Content-Type via @RequestHeader hot 1

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