spacetime/djwalebabu 7

Python-rtmbot plugin to play a song when triggered on slack

ayonghosh/cah 3

Cards Against Humanity for the Web

spacetime/comatic 2

Static webcomic generator in python

spacetime/pyastrolib 2

pyastrolib is a python library providing professional astronomers a robust set of tools for astronomical data analysis. This project will provide all the similar functionality as NASA's IDL Astronomy User's Library in addition to other planned features.

spacetime/AIChallenge 1

CPP Player for AIChallenge at NSIT

spacetime/Code-Pasty 1

A Simple Code Sharing Web Application in Python, using GAE.

spacetime/CSTT-App-Mockup 1

Application Mockup for CSTT, Ministry of HRD

spacetime/DevFestX-Invitations-App 1

Used at DevFestX Delhi 2012. Coded in 9 hours with no prior knowledge of AppEngine.

spacetime/Gravity-Simulator 1

A crude (but working) program simulating the gravitational field of n-stars and their movement