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Scalable javascript framework

soundstep/infuse.js 91

infuse.js is a javascript ioc library (DI, dependency injection)

ITV/pmpact 11

A command line tool to convert Pact files to Postman collections.

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html, javascript and css optimization

soundstep/grunt-html-convert 10

Grunt plugin for converting html to JavaScript

soundstep/AssetLoader 5

Multi file/asset loader for AS3 built on AS3Signals. Matan fork, flash built-in events-based.

soundstep/infuse 4

Infuse is a javascript dependency injection library

soundstep/itv-test 1

Simple test

ITV/karma-pact 0

Pact Framework Plugin for Karma

issue openedactions/github-script

Future of Octokit

Octokit seems discontinued? Any idea what that means for your repo?

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issue openedoctokit/graphql.js

Cannot get response headers


I was thinking about client-side request caching to optimize some CLI requests, I would probably need to get the request response headers for that.

Unless I missed something, it looks like there is no way to retrieve the response headers once the Github request.

Is that something that could be done?

Maybe with an option?

Without extended option (as it is currently)

    request: {
        extendedResponse: false
const data = await graphql(query);

With extended option (what I would need)

    request: {
        extendedResponse: true
const response = await graphql(query);
const { data, request } = response;
console.log(request.status); // HTTP status
console.log(request.headers); // response headers
console.log(; // actual response

Any thoughts?

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issue commentmicrosoft/rushstack

[rush] Implement pnpm publish config directory

This has nothing to do with a "root package.json".

That's a simple publish config directory setup.

  • packages/pkg-1/package.json


  "name": "pkg-1",
  "version": "1.0.0",
  "publishConfig": {
    "directory": "dist"
  • packages/pkg-1/dist/package.json (this file, similar to packages/pkg-1/package.json, enable the symlinking when present at the pnpm install time, dist is the root of the published NPM package)
  • packages/pkg-2/package.json
  • packages/pkg-2/node_modules/pkg-1 ----> this is the symlink to packages/pkg-1/dist and not packages/pkg-1


Screen Shot 2021-10-27 at 1 58 52 PM Screen Shot 2021-10-27 at 1 59 01 PM Screen Shot 2021-10-27 at 1 59 40 PM


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push eventsoundstep/pnpm-publish-dir

Romuald Quantin

commit sha a5909da1662b3cb98771a675c98104328e071838

Added pnpm workspaces.

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Demo of the pnpm publish directory

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issue openedpnpm/pnpm


<!-- If this issue affects many people in a company/big team, create a post for your company in the following discussion: and link the issue in your post.

This will help us prioritize issues that affect more people. -->

pnpm version:


Code to reproduce the issue:

<!-- If there was a fatal error also include a gist of your node_modules/.pnpm-debug.log file. -->

Running a pnpm install in a pnpm workspace repo shows a checksum integrity error.

Important notes:

  • we did have an issue with this package, which we re-published.
  • this is happening on one laptop only, it is fine with other laptops (rm -rf ~/.pnpm-store solved the issue everywhere else) and developing on a remote machine is not showing the error.

This is some kind of cache issue with pnpm on one laptop, but I don't seem to be able to fix it, any help is appreciated.

Is there any kind of cache that I'm aware of?

I tried:

  • rebooting laptop
  • uninstall and reinstall pnpm
  • fresh repo clone
  • delete store: rm -rf ~/.pnpm-store
  • run npm store prune
  • deleting all node_modules folders in the monorepo
  • deleting pnpm-lock.yaml

pnpm-debug log:

Expected behavior:

pnpm install should finish correctly

Actual behavior:

Seeing an integrity error.

ERR_PNPM_ERR_PNPM_TARBALL_INTEGRITY  The lockfile is broken! A full installation will be performed in an attempt to fix it.
ERR_PNPM_TARBALL_INTEGRITY  Got unexpected checksum for "". Wanted "sha1-LzKyUD3fuw6CAtXub9YYg2iPE6o=". Got "sha512-5xaPV65B0zHXEk+sp+sVOLB3N8le6aXbXzHVf5QS8vpB7wRnkcKEq6pRhk/QciK2IjEbftFXgX1y6kZdsuQrCQ== sha1-WmK+kR0/No47/wC2dHM0pIzEFSo="

Additional information:

  • node -v prints: 12.17.0
  • Windows, macOS, or Linux?: MacOS

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issue openedmicrosoft/rushstack

[rush] Implement pnpm publish config directory

<!-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 👉 STEP 1: Write a concise but specific issue title in the box above. Example: "[rush] Using --example switch causes TypeError" --------------------------------------------------------------------------->


For context, I'm evaluating Rush from a current pnpm workspaces monorepo.

Packages specifying a are not symlinked where they are used.

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Repro steps

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Expected result: <!-- What you expected these steps to accomplish -->

Actual result: <!-- If an error occurred, include the full error message text and any call stack. -->

  1. Create a Rush moreporepo (pnpm)
  2. Create a PackageA with a package.json containing:
    "publishConfig": {
        "directory": "my-lib"
  1. Create a package.json and an index.js file in PackageA/my-lib (this is the actual npm package)
  2. Create a PackageB that is using the PackageA (as a package.json dependency)
  3. Run rush update / rush install to install the dependencies

Expected result: PackageA should be symlinked in PackageB, pointing to the my-lib folder. Actual result: PackageB is currently downloaded from the npm registry rather than being symlinked.


<!-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 👉 STEP 6: Provide any additional information you think might be helpful:

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 How do you think we should fix this?


Verifying the symlinks:

ls -la packages/package-b/node_modules

Here is a real output from our morerepo.

  • with Rush:
$ ls -la apps/fe-cassandra/node_modules/@my-org

fe-cerberus@ -> ../../../../packages/fe-cerberus
fe-components@ -> ../../../../common/temp/node_modules/.pnpm/@my-org+fe-components@1.9.20/node_modules/@my-org/fe-components

fe-cerberus: correctly symlinked fe-components: not correctly symlinked

  • without Rush (just pnpm workspaces)
$ ls -la apps/fe-cassandra/node_modules/@my-org

fe-cerberus@ -> ../../../../packages/fe-cerberus
fe-components@ -> ../../../../packages/fe-components/lib

fe-cerberus: correctly symlinked fe-components: correctly symlinked (notice the lib directory which is what is specified in our

Standard questions

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Question Answer
@microsoft/rush globally installed version? 5.54.0 /usr/local/bin/rush
rushVersion from rush.json? 5.54.0
useWorkspaces from rush.json? false
Operating system? Mac
Would you consider contributing a PR? unsure
Node.js version (node -v)? 12.17.0

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