Chris Trotman solarnz @canva Sydney, Australia Software Engineer @canva

solarnz/arcanist.vim 11

Arcanist plugin for vim

solarnz/dotfiles 6

My configuration files

solarnz/cookiecutter-avr 4

Cookiecutter template for avr development (targets the ATmega32u4 by default)

solarnz/android_external_yaffs2 2

yaffs2 from cyanogenmod

solarnz/AnyKernel 2

AnyKernel is a template for an that can apply any kernel to any ROM, regardless of ramdisk.

solarnz/android_external_busybox 1

Android/bionic port of busybox (merged with official busybox)

solarnz/Anode 1

Internode usage widget for Android

solarnz/auto-tab-reaper 1

A Firefox Extension to automatically suspend / discard inactive tabs