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Miles Bader snogglethorpe Kawasaki, Japan 光说不做

snogglethorpe/snogray 7

Snogray renderer

snogglethorpe/globals 2

list global variables in Lua files

offby1/doodles 1

Just a bunch of stuff I've accumulated

snogglethorpe/float-op-bench 1

Simple benchmarking for floating-point operations

snogglethorpe/magit 1

It's Magit! An Emacs mode for Git.

snogglethorpe/emacs-bits 0

A collection of miscellaneous small Emacs extensions

snogglethorpe/git-frobs 0

Small convenience extensions for git

snogglethorpe/OpenSubdiv 0

An Open-Source subdivision surface library.

snogglethorpe/optedit 0

Simple example of classic optimal edit algorithm