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Andrew Jackson (Ajax) snadrus Google San Jose, CA Web & GoLang fan. ʕ⊙ϖ⊙ʔ

snadrus/archipelago 2

Archipelago Android strategy game clone in JS

snadrus/gowebcompress 1

Go http compression: br & gz, dynamic & static

snadrus/MealWeek 1

What's the meal plan this week?

snadrus/nodb 1

SQL Array Comprehensions for GoLang

snadrus/angular1-hotreload-components 0

Modern Angular-Boilerplate fork. Complete, all-libs-from-npm & purely Angular. Includes not-horrible starter content. Go forth and do great things.

snadrus/bar128 0

PHP and JS Bar128 renderers

snadrus/benchmarks 0

Some benchmarks of different languages

snadrus/bestcookie 0

Implements the BestCookie algorithm in Go


started time in 23 days


started time in 2 months

fork snadrus/pinafore

Alternative web client for Mastodon

fork in 2 months