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honza/vim-snippets 4012

vim-snipmate default snippets (Previously snipmate-snippets)

smt/breakpoint 2

Really simple media queries in Sass

smt/compass-twitter-bootstrap-extension 2

Twitter Bootstrap mixins ported to Sass/Compass and usable as a Compass extension

cubepusher/ 1

cubepusher — Eurogames of many flavors.

smt/boardgame_refsheets 1

A friendly fork of Hiew Chok Sien's excellent Concise Reference Sheets

smt/compass-recipes 1

Some compass/sass mixins and snippets ready to use. Just a few for now, but a lot incoming !

quidmonkey/docker-forge 0

Forge Works Containerization

quidmonkey/forge 0

Forge Works


started time in 2 months


started time in 3 months