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jbarnette/johnson 466

Johnson wraps JavaScript in a loving Ruby embrace.

matadon/mizuno 215

Jetty-powered running shoes for JRuby/Rack.

smparkes/capybara-envjs 131

Capybara driver for envjs gem

smparkes/env-js 80

A pure-JavaScript browser environment with early rubygem support.

ecin/zxing.rb 47

JRuby wrapper for ZXing 1D/2D barcode image processing library.

dramatis/dramatis 29

An actor library for dynamic languages

ovdlt/open-video-digital-library-toolkit 20

Project to develop a toolkit for producing digital video libraries

smparkes/jazz 13

Run javascript tests from various frameworks in various environments

smparkes/jazrb 7

Env.js and automation support for Javascript TDD & BDD

smparkes/jasmine 5

DOM-less simple JavaScript testing framework