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Andrew Lee smiley325 New York, NY OCaml; Python; JavaScript / Node.js / Express; C# / .NET / WPF; Swift / iOS; Postgres

smiley325/elm-geocoding 4

Elm interface to Google Maps' geocoding library.

smiley325/conjure 1

Minimal, modern, opinionated frontend "suggestionwork" for web applications.

smiley325/cudagpumemtest 1

CUDA GPU Memtest for NCSA

smiley325/django-flexible-auth 1

Django flexible authentication.

smiley325/elm-router 1

Simple URL routing in Elm.

smiley325/ncsapowermonitor 1

NCSA Power Monitoring

smiley325/sonar 1

Elixir AWS SDK

smiley325/sphinxapi 1

Official python client for Sphinx Search ready for pip

smiley325/uiucinfometrics 1

UIUC Infometrics


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