Evgeniy Skuridin skuridin @RoyalAholdDelhaize Amsterdam, The Netherlands

skuridin/oh-my-zsh-node-theme 55

Node.js theme for ZSH users

skuridin/react-medium-spinner 22

React medium-like spinner component

skuridin/php-image-handler 2

Image manipulation class

skuridin/yii-sass 1

Sass extension for Yii Framework

hos4m/shooooort 0

Front-End URL shortener

pull request commentmeteyou/mainsail

Initial development of Power Control Panel

@Birkemosen is this happening because the moonraker needs to be updated or missed check?



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Is it possible to allow CORS?

@Arksine Yeah, I get that. The question is how/where to set this option? It's not documented afaik.


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Is it possible to allow CORS?

Hi! I'm curious if it is possible to allow CORS for WebSockets? I see there is a check in the but I don't get where this setting can be set.

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